• Let US make it easy for you! All meats prepared and ready to go – or we can COOK – CARVE – GRAVY and DELIVER.
    We can make your party easier by supplying salads, with a choice of 2 different salads. We can also supply the very best gravy.
  • Our spits are WA’s MOST ADVANCED SPITS and able to take up to 70kg catering for up to 200 people. The spits are temperature controlled and have a heat gauge. They have upright brackets and poles for easy carving. Bain Marie underneath for easy cutting and are provided with an extension cord, fold up table and cutting board.
  • All meat is supplied by us and secured on the rod. We are butchers with over 30 years experience, so the quality of the meat and the quantity per person is assured. By us securing the meat on the spit rod, the potential for damage to the spit is reduced.
  • You can pick up or we can deliver for a small additional fee.
  • When we deliver we set up the spit and have everything running for you. Or we will run you through the easy process to make it a success. We can clean the spit for you.


  • Recommended amount of meat is 300g per person.
  • Cooking time varies based on quantity of meats supplied. Please contact us or call on 0435 168 480 to discuss.
  • We can provide a gas bottle for hire or you can use your own.
  • You can pick up or we can deliver for a small additional fee.
Spit Hire Maintenance
  • Pick up requires a trailer or ute to transport the spit
  • It’s recommended that you clean the spit as soon as possible after cooking or soak in hot soapy water.
  • You are responsible for the spit until returned clean and in full working order.
  • When the spit is in your care – you are 100% responsible for it.
  • A deposit is required and refundable upon return if spit is returned in same undamaged condition.
  • Payment Options: Bank transfer or cash upon pickup/delivery. No cheques will be accepted.